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 School Age Nationals

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PostSubject: School Age Nationals   School Age Nationals I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 23, 2009 12:11 am

School age nationals was hosted by Team GA this past weekend in Gainesville. CJ Stockell and Stan Luttrell did an amazing job running this meet, I thought it went great. Most of my kids lifted well, a few struggled, just didnt seem to be their day. I am not sure what I could have done differently for those guys, I guess I need some more time to reflect on it. Anyway, some of my kids who had outstanding meets were:
Jarae Savage Bronze medalist in the 16-17 aged 58 kilo class, she hit some big PR's to move up into a medal. She beat 3 or 4 kids who were ranked ahead of her.
Lauren Brooks, 4th place in the 14-15 aged 63 kilo class. Lauren hit a couple of PR's and one of the prettiest snatches I saw all weekend.
Joe Lambert, 4th place in the 16-17 aged 105+ kilo class. Joe really got screwed out of a bronze medal, but what can you do. A kid hit a huge c and j on his last attempt to tie Joe and win on bodyweight, but the jerk was clearly a press out. Again, what can you do?
Sandy Almon, I think she ended up 5th, still waiting on the official results to be posted. She hit some nice PR's in the 16-17 75+ kilo class even after missing her first snatch.
Stephan Stanfill finished 10th in a very tough 16-17 62 kilo class hittting PR's in both lifts and of course total. I got a lot of compliments about his jerk. Anyway, I am really proud of all my kids, first year they have competed in o lifting and we brought home some hardware at the state championships and a bronze at nationals. Any of you guys out there who have been thinking about starting a team, do it. I have had a blast doing it and CJ and Stan will do whatever they can to help you guys out. I will as well, I just dont know how much help I can be.
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School Age Nationals
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